Experience Collaborative
and Smart Working

The ERGON is an ergonomic and smart office desk that has been designed for optimizing productivity in collaborative environments, learning about the user’s habits and taking care about its health.

Ergonomic Design for a great user experience.

Ergonomic Design for a great user experience.

Introducing a new workplace concept totally centered in the user experience and designed ergonomically for adapting to our changes of postures through the day.

Towards dynamic working.

Towards dynamic working.

Our machine learning technology adapts to your working habits, dynamically changing it’s configuration depending on your posture.

Fluent Collaborative workspace.

Fluent Collaborative workspace.

Up to a 38% save of space with respect to a traditional distribution, providing higher space use ratio, better circulation, more workplaces and more storage room.

User Friendly

We provide a number of useful features.

Ergonomic Design

The Ergon Desk workplace has been designed around the user needs, offering an available 180º desktop with leaning features.

Personal log-in

If you share desks you can save your personal heigh configurations and breaks frequency and access them at any time.

Agile Meetings

Collaboration is made fast and easy with the “Agile meeting” mode, which sets a uniform heigh for doing quick group brainstormings.

Sit-stand Working

Standing part of the day is great for your health: our body has been designed for moving, so has been the Ergon Desk.

Smart Working

The Ergon adapts to your working habits, learns about your behavior and knows when it should recommend you to change posture.

Flexible Workspace

All Ergons are interconnected, so you can log-in at any of them and work with your personal ergonomic configurations any time.


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